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Application Form

VI ASHRAE to attend

The ASHRAE Leadership Academy  

This year ASHRAE Region XI is supporting sending someone from our region to attend the Leadership Academy at the AHRAE Headquarters n Atlanta, GA, during the May 18-19, see more details.

This will be a excellent opportunity to see how our ASHRAE Region functions, meet with ASHRAE Society leaders and staff and receive some professional training.

Our Chapter will cover the cost for transportation, Regional will cover hotel room.

The participants will arrive on the Thursday or Friday and will leave on the Sunday May 20th.     Deadline: All applications must be received by November 24, 2017    

Please complete an application form at


If you have any questions please contact me at  via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Calvin Tripp



On Friday July 14 we will be doing a Planning meeting for the 2017-18 program year.  We have reserved Michael’s Snug for July 14th from 3-5 if you would like to attend.

Thank you everyone for supporting us to go to the ASHRAE Region XI 2016 - 2017 CRC in Puget Sound, 

The VI ASHRAE members who were able to attend were

Barb MacQueen, Student Activities (SA)

Calvin Tripp, Delegate

Daryl Collerman, Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee (GGAC)

Louise Smith, CRC Chair

Matt Cronmiller, Alternate

Voytek Gretka, Treasurer

Thank you to everyone listed above for freeing up their time and being willing to travel to the 2017 CRC

See link to the  Vancouver Island Chapter Report for 2016 - 17 CRC 

We saw a presentation about Bjarne Olesen, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, who is ASHRAE’s President for the 2017-2018 term. Olesen has previously served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, Vice President and Director-at-Large.

In Olesen’s theme, “Extending our Community,” he focuses his theme on three directives: extend our global community; extend our technological horizons; and extend our value to members.  See his presentation and lean some new things, even how to pronounce Bjarne, Bjarne Olesen’s presidential address presentation

 Thanks for being part of the Vancouver Island ASHRAE group (VI ASHRAE). 

Thank you for the response to the SurveyMonkey voting request a few weeks back.  Each year we prepare for the next year by training our incoming President.  For the 2017-18 year that is me (Calvin Tripp).  I would like to announce (and very pleased to announce) who will be filling the various roles in our Chapter Board of Governors (BoG) as well, the roles and people are listed below.  Some of the people are seasoned VI ASHRAE participants and some are new to the BoG.  In addition to our regular monthly Dinner meetings and Tours we are going to be hosting our Region XI CRC, (Chapter Regional Conference) in May 3rd - 5th, 2018.

Board of Governor for  2017-18



Voytek Gretka

Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)

Voytek G.

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee (GGAC)

Daryl Collerman

Historian and Website

Ian Burton 

Bjorn Right 

Honours and Awards (H&A)

Braid Cuthill

Membership Promotion (MP)

Bjorn R.


Calvin Tripp

President Elect (CRC Delegate)

Matt Cronmiller

Research Promotion Chair (RP)

Kyle Hasenkox



Special Events (The 2017-18 CRC will be in Victoria May 3rd – 5th, 2018)

Bjorn R., Braid C., Bryan M., Calvin T., Daryl C., Jordan Roszmann, Louise Smith, Luke Ippersiel

Student Activities (SA)

Barb MacQueen


Mark Stitt

Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA)

Ian Welle


You will also note that two roles are still open; Secretary and Research & Promotion.  If you are interested in either of these roles or please come out to one of events or contact one of our BoG and we can talk and provide you with some insight.

Our present 2016 – 2017 Board of Governors, in our Chapter can be seen at link, A more details listing of all the Chairs within an ASHRAE Chapter can be found at the ASHRAE Society website,



Thanks for being part of the Vancouver Island ASHRAE group (VI ASHRAE).  Each year we prepare for the next year by training our incoming President.  For the 2017-18 year that is me.  This is were you can help me (Calvin Tripp).

Who would like to join our BoG or Board Of Governs for the VI ASHRAE Chapter, for the 2017 – 18 ASHRAE year.  Some of the opportunities are listed below, and you can see who is in that role in our Chapter now at

Please let me know (Calvin Tripp, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you are interested in one of these positions. We have also found that people are comfortable to Co-Chair one of the Roles and then the next year take over as the Chair.  If you would like to do this Co-Chair method please let me know.

Some of the Chairs listed alphabetically…

Alternate (the role I am in right now, this role is done before President)

Chapter Technology Transfer

Government Advocacy

Historian and Website

Honours and Awards (I have done this role before)

Membership Promotion

President (the role I am going in to, plus I have done this before)

Research Promotion Chair (I have done this role before)

Special Events (such as the Trade Show or Technical Training) (I have helped with 3 Trade Shows and 1 Technical Training event, remember ”The 2017-18 CRC will be in Victoria May 3 – 5, 2018”)

Student Activities (I have done this role before)


YEA Chapter Chair

I am asking to see who might be interested in helping out in these roles.  For me it has been a really good opportunity to take on some new and fun challenges.  


Please see thank you note from Jessica Blando of Camosun College, 2018




 Congratulations to the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair participants for the May 8 to 9, 2018 event, Lots of very creative and interested students.

A personal thank you to the organisers and to the two students who were awarded the from us. This year they are

Jonathan Attwell whose project was about “Capturing the wind (Windtorch)” from Arbutus Middle School grade 6


Nattan Telmer whose project was about “Defining characteristics of bismuth telluride TEGs” from Mount Douglas Secondary School grade 10

Congratulations and looking forward to next year. 


Congratulations to Braidon Joe UVic Student for receiving the 2017 - 18 VI ASHRAE Scholarship.

Thank you UVic Endowment Scholarship 2017-18 Student

Thank you UVic Endowment Scholarship 2017-18 UVic


 There are many ways that you can engage with Science Venture as a Mentor (Guest Researcher),


each with varying levels of commitment during the months of July and August:
For more information contact Science Venture at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Congratulations to Anna Pachal UVic Student and Adrian Gunstone, Devin Fitzsmmons and Keegan Cornell Camosun College Student for receiving the 2016 - 17 VI ASHRAE Scholarships.






Congratulation to all of the participants at the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair (VIRSF) on April 9th to 10th.  It was great to see so many very creative and insightful projects.  Everyone did well as can be seen at VIRSF web site,, to see the 2017 awards.


Specifically I would like to congratulate the students listed below.  Good job.





Anna Erickson


St. Margaret's School


Zofka Svec

Energy From Algae: Voltage optimization in a photosynthetic microbial fuel cell

Glenlyon Norfolk School





Anna Erickson, Gordon Greeniaus (VIRSF Organiser) and Zofka Svec

Anna Erickson


Zofka Svec


A reminder about the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair on April 9 and 10,

And Thank you note from VIRSF.




The 2016 -17 Vancouver Island University Student Branch


  • Shawn Colleaux - President
  • Jacob Adams - Vice President
  • Adam Cairo - Activities Coordinator
  • Rebecca Appleton - Secretary Treasurer
  • Romi Lloyd - Website


Applied Engineering Challenge
1st Place: University of Regina (Region XI)
2nd Place: Bandung Institute of Technology
3rd Place: Gazi University
Rising Star: NONE
Design Calculations
1st Place: University of British Columbia (Region XI)
2nd Place: Texas A&M University
3rd Place: North Carolina A&T State University
Rising Star – Eastern Washington University
System Selection
1st Place: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
2nd Place: Pennsylvania State University
3rd Place: Ferris State University
Rising Star: NONE
Integrated Sustainable Building

Design (ISBD) 
1st Place: University of Central Florida
2nd Place: Tianjin University
3rd Place: Portland State University
Rising Star: University of Wisconsin – Madison


Register for the 2017 Student Design Competition,


The UVic Engineers With Borders is participating in the

Run to End Poverty

up by Sooke on June 26th.  They are wondering if there was anyone that would like to would donate to it. Here is the link to the UVic EWB chapter donation website:

Have fun runners.

The Vancouver Island University Student Branch received its charter and is in the start-up stages. We would like to thank Chapter 145 for all their support. We have had several meetings including a pizza lunch, and three speakers, Art Sutherland from Accent Refrigeration from Victoria, and Distinguished Lecturer Chris Mathis from North Carolina, as well as Jesse Anderson from Nanaimo. With a new class of students just beginning, we are in the process of transfering duties of the executive. We will soon be holding regular meetings in the Cowichan Trades Center in Duncan. All student members are invited to attend. Stay tuned for updates.

On behalf of the Camosun College Foundation, we would like to thank you for your ongoing commitment to student bursaries.

 We want you to know that your annual gift is sincerely appreciated and makes a tremendous difference to our students, many of whom are struggling financially. As you may already know, 100% of your generous contribution goes directly to helping students.

 For your interest, I am pleased to enclose the program of the student(s) who benefitted from your gift this year.

* Mechanical Engineering Technician – 2nd year

Thank you again for your continued generosity. The Camosun College Foundation remains committed to working together with you to support Camosun and our communities.


Angie Bowles                                                                     Karen Whyte
Advancement Manager                                                Advancement Manager
250-370-4239                                                                     250-370-4237



VI ASHRAE to happy support the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair.
Sunday April 12 – Monday April 13, 2015
1962 – 2015 : 54 Fairs and counting
Please visit,  for more details of teh event.




EWB's epic annual fundraiser, public engagement, corporate outreach & learning event is coming back home to Victoria on April 26, as part of the 26th Annual TC10K.

This is much more than just a charity run or a fundraiser, this is a crucial opportunity to bring the conversation about rural poverty and international development to the forefront with your co-workers, community groups, networks and friends. R2EP provides an excellent chance to engage with the public in Victoria regarding the work EWB is doing in Canada and internationally, and is a fun way to come together as a group, get in shape, and challenge yourself!

We welcome all new and returning runners and are here to help every step of the way with training, fundraising and engagement support. Let's take strides to eliminate extreme poverty in rural Africa. Give us a shout at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After you register to fundraise on our R2EP site, be sure to head on over to the TC10K site to sign up for the race!


Anaissia, Evelyn and Zach all shared a common feeling while completing their mechanical, electrical and civil engineering studies. Something in their personal growth and education was missing. Most of classes taught in their undergrad do not assess and describe the main challenges that the world is facing, nor the alternatives proposed to solve them. But what are engineers, if not problem solvers?

In January 2015, the three students decided to get together and re-start the Engineers Without Borders Club at the University of Victoria to overcome this lack of knowledge and perception and try to encourage engineering students to be change innovators on campus and overseas.

In January 2015, the three of them had the opportunity to attend the EWB national conference in Montreal, experience that changed their visions and impacted their lives ( This experience was supported by ASHRAE and as an humble way to thank the association they would like to share their vision of the club, what they really enjoyed about the conference and what the next steps on campus are during Thursday's (March 12, 2015) presentation.

 (Left to right) Evelyn, Zach and Anaissia


Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair

The 2015 Vancouver Island Science Fair

is coming up soon, and we are once again looking for judges.  This year the fair will be held on Sunday April 12 and Monday April 13, in the Elliott Lecture Wing at the University of Victoria.  Judges are needed for Sunday, April 12.

Each judge reads brief reports for up to six projects, asks questions of the presenters for each project, and then works with other judges to rank the projects.  In Round II of judging you will see another group of up to six top projects from the same age level, and be asked to rank them against your morning projects.
An approximate schedule is as follows: 8:30 to Noon, if you stay for Round 2 judging to 3:00 pm.

If you would like to participate in the fair this year please log in to the registration site

using your email address and password. This will automatically put you on the list for this year's judging.  While you are there, you can update your profile.

Feel free to pass this message on to other people you think would be interested.

They do have one new request this year.  They are always short of judges who are able to judge projects that are submitted in French.  These may have come from Francophone or immersion students.   They generally try to find French-speaking judges for Francophone students; however immersion students may be interviewed in English, although their projects are written in French.  If you are Anglophone but would feel comfortable reading a project in French and interviewing in English, please indicate ‘Read French’ under ‘Other Expertise’ in your judge’s profile.  This would help us a lot!

If you have questions or comments send them to Leslie Brown:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
General information about the fair can be found at




  Engineers Without




Info Session


5pm Thursday, Feb 5th in

Engineering Computer Science 130

(ECS 130)


All faculties’ welcome!

What are you doing to create change?

Vancouver Island Chapter sponsors 3 engineering students to help them to attend the National Conference for Engineers Without Borders (EWB) in Montreal, January 16-18, 2015. Each year EWB hosts Canada's largest national conference for individuals and organizations committed to social change and international development, (

2015 Student Design Project Competition

ASHRAE sponsors these competitions to encourage students to become involved in a profession that is crucial to insuring a sustainable future for our Earth – the design of energy-efficient HVAC systems. ASHRAE will recognize the outstanding student design projects at the 2016 ASHRAE Winter Meeting to be held in Orlando, FL, January 23-27th, 2016.


ASHRAE has 28 scholarships available for the 2015-16 school year, for high school seniors entering college through senior undergraduate engineering students and engineering technology students. ASHRAE is seeking your assistance in making student members aware of this financial assistance.

8 regional/chapter and university-specific scholarships — $3,000 to $5,000 each. Now accepting applications!

12 undergraduate engineering scholarships — $3,000 to $10,000 each. Now accepting applications!

4 high school senior scholarships — $3,000 each

4 engineering technology scholarships — $5,000 each

Qualified students are encouraged to apply at

Annual Application Deadlines: December 1, 2014


April 10 & 11 2014, Trade Show

There was a good turnout at the Trade Show. Two classes from Vancouver Island University, and quite a few students from University of Victoria, volunteered and sat in on the Tech Talks as much as they could. A good time as had by all.

This was a great opportunity for students to network and get to know suppliers, manufacturers and local employers. Just in time for graduation.



Thank you

As most of you will know the 2017 CRC is in Puget Sound this year for our Region XI.  It is happening between May 18 to 20th,   Each year each of the 12 chapters bring something from their area for the RP Auction.  This year we have been fortunate enough to have some items donated by The Laurel Point Inn, Swan’s Pub, Vancouver Island University and the University of Victoria.  Thank you for this support.

          Next year in 2018 we will be hosting ASHRAE Region XI CRC in Victoria between May 3 to 5.  The CRC will be held at The Laurel Point Inn.


Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and RP supporters, our success would not be possible without you!

For Vancouver Island Chapter we finished 8.5% ahead of last year and for Region XI, we finished 4.7% ahead of last year, with a new all-time Regional high of $179,112!
We had 8 of 12 chapters reach goal, 4 of those 8 reach new High-Five, and 3 of those 4 reach the Challenge goal – GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Overall we ended the 2014-15 Campaign 7.8% ahead of what we did last year and 115% of Goal!  Not only did we surpass our Goal, but we set a New High and crossed $2.5 Million!

Hats off to the entire ASHRAE and RP community!

Reminder:Target for 2014-15 is $4,000. 


RP Trivia


The ASHRAE RP Campaign was first proposed 100 years ago – at the ASHVE Winter Meeting in 1915.  The first ASHVE Research project was then funded in 1917.  Great job ASHRAE!


Our current RP campaign is now in the final FIVE months. 

Overall, our region has raised $30,541 Year To Date (YTD). Great job to Jerry and the Inland Empire Chapter who has already passed last year’s total.  The Vancouver Island Chapter has met Full Circle target.   YTD VI Chapter members have donated 25% over last years amount, still working towards our $4,000 goal


We are working on an RP appreciation night for Thursday May 14 at Reliable Controls Headquarters Tour & Commissioning Presentation.


RP to date, (December 2014)


Target for 2014-15 is $4,000.

to date $600


Full Circle met, thank you to the Vancouver Island Chapter. 

RP Appreciation night planned for Thursday May 14 at monthly event, Reliable Controls Headquarters Tour & Commissioning Presentation.


We are looking for ideas or suggestions for RP Fund raising. For example do companies have items they would like to donate for a silent auction at our monthly technical talks. Please contact via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The entire ASHRAE Research community and I would like to thank you again for the support you showed ASHRAE and the Vancouver Island Chapter last year.   It’s because of your support that we’re able to conduct more than $16 million in research every year worldwide. See the ASHRAE Foundation web page for more details,





















Target for 2014-15 is $4,000.


Even more impressive, because of your support, over $30,000 worth of Research is currently being conducted in our Region right now. These projects are vital to the health of the HVAC&R industry and a key factor in helping ASHRAE remain the industry leader it is today.   For a complete list, please contact Patricia Adelmann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Type of Research (2014)

For Region XI


Frosting in membrane energy exchangers

U of Saskatchewan

Thermal and fluid dynamic performance evaluation of nanofluids through experimental and numerical approaches

U of Alaska

Development and evaluation of novel membrane liquid desiccant air conditioning systems for hot-humid and cold-dry climates

U of Saskatchewan


I hope we can once again count on your support of Research and the Vancouver Island Chapter this year.


As always, you may also make your investment online at Your contribution will automatically go toward helping the Vancouver Island Chapter and XI reach their RP goal for 2014-15, helping to keep research projects in your area.

Again, Thank You for your continued support of these vital projects – it’s greatly appreciated!


Congratulations to Isaac Golumbia, Matt Heywood, Stephanie Morrison for being selected to attend t YEA/SA Program at the 2018 CRC held in Victoria this May.

They got to participate in…

$1ü  Welcome Gala: at Royal BC Museum

$1ü  Technical Talks,

$1ü  Presidents Lunch,

$1ü  YEA Mixer,

$1ü  Industry Leaders Networking,

$1ü  Awards Dinner,

Great turn out at the ASHRAE YEA meeting on September 19 th at the Taphouse on Yates Street! There was mix of all ages of people with all types of experience and backgrounds – from people looking to get in to the HVAC industry to established experts in their field. The night was a flurry of conversations as people met, got to know each other and shared their experiences in the industry. We look forward to seeing even more people at the next YEA meet and greet!

Jamie Clarke/Adam Clarke


Congratulations to Cedric Trueman for his Distinguished Service Award in 2018.


Distinguished Service Awards 2018


Congratulations to all of the participants and the award recipients at the ASHRAE Regiion XI 2016 -2017 CRC in Puget Sound. 2016-2017 ASHRAE Region XI Chapter Regional Conference Awards Banquet


Some of the recipients from the Vancouver Island Chapter included.


2016 – 2017 PAOE Awards


Louise Smith; Special Citation, Honor Roll


Research Promotion, Chapter awards


Kyle Hasenkox; Certificate, High Five Chevron


Chapter Service Awards


Calvin Tripp


Kyle Hasenkox


Chapters Opportunity funds


Vancouver Island Chapter 

Congratulations to the AME Group for their New Educational Facilities, Institutional Building project. This project has been made eligible by Region XI for consideration for the "ASHRAE Award of Engineering Excellence." at Society’s Winter Meeting.



ASHRAE Technology Award applications are accepted in each of the following categories,

    Commercial Buildings (New)
    Institutional Buildings
    Educational Facilities (New)
For the New Commercial Building we would like to put forward the Reliable Controls project.

For the New Educational Facilities, Institutional Building we would like to put forward the AME Group project.


A reminder to all.


The deadline for Chapter entries is March 4th, so we need to starting to promote them to the Chapter.  The winners of the Chapter entries can then be submitted for the Regional Awards (deadline approx. May 15).


See link below for more details.


ASHRAE Technology Award applications are accepted in each of the following categories:


  1. Commercial Buildings (New, Existing, RCx)
  2. Institutional Buildings (New, Existing, RCx)
    • Educational Facilities
    • Other Institutional
  1. Health Care Facilities (New, Existing, RCx)
  2. Industrial Facilities or Processes (New, Existing, RCx)
  3. Public Assembly Facilities (New, Existing, RCx)
  4. Residential

Benefits of Winning a Society Award


ASHRAE Technology Award winners are recognized by peers as being innovative and capable of achieving a high level of competence. Winning projects are highlighted in articles in the ASHRAE Journal. The Society provides press releases to industry publications and ASHRAE Insights.


Recipients are honored at the Plenary Session of the Society’s Winter Meeting where the first-place awards as well as the "Engineering Award of Excellence" are presented. One award plaque will be presented to an entrant representing the design team and another plaque will be presented to the building owner. The winning design firm may purchase additional plaques.


Welcome to the Honours and Awards for Vancouver Island, VI ASHRAE for the 2015-16 season. 

See an article written by Art Sutherland from Accent Refrigeration on the Westhills Arena project in the August/September magazine of Canadian Consulting Engineers at link, pages 24 to 26.

In addition one of the Technology Award 2015 First Place Winners was ...

Arthur Gilbert Sutherland
Category V – Public Assembly – New

Westhills Recreation Centre
City of Langford, Owner

Congratulations to Art and his group. We will be looking for ideas and suggestions to nominate in the categories of

Society Awards to Groups or Chapters

Technology Award/Award of Engineering Excellence

Student Design Project Competition

Chapter and Regional Awards

Regional Award of Merit and Chapter Service Award

See links for Tally Forms

If you have any suggestions please contact one of the VI ASHRAE BoG.

This page has not yet been updated by the chair.

Welcome to the Vancouver Island Chapter 145 page. Our chapter is active in supporting established scholarships and other HVACR related activities on the Island. As treasurer I work with other board of governor members to manage expenses. I also gladly accept any donations to the chapter. We are looking forward to another great ASHRAE year.

As the creator and maintainer of this website I make every effort to keep the content up to date and provide relevent and complete information in hopes of continuing to make chapter 145 a success.

If you see something amiss or feel you would like to see something else on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me at the Contact Us form.  

To contact other members, please use the Board of Governors link.  

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