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Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair

The 2015 Vancouver Island Science Fair

is coming up soon, and we are once again looking for judges.  This year the fair will be held on Sunday April 12 and Monday April 13, in the Elliott Lecture Wing at the University of Victoria.  Judges are needed for Sunday, April 12.

Each judge reads brief reports for up to six projects, asks questions of the presenters for each project, and then works with other judges to rank the projects.  In Round II of judging you will see another group of up to six top projects from the same age level, and be asked to rank them against your morning projects.
An approximate schedule is as follows: 8:30 to Noon, if you stay for Round 2 judging to 3:00 pm.

If you would like to participate in the fair this year please log in to the registration site

using your email address and password. This will automatically put you on the list for this year's judging.  While you are there, you can update your profile.

Feel free to pass this message on to other people you think would be interested.

They do have one new request this year.  They are always short of judges who are able to judge projects that are submitted in French.  These may have come from Francophone or immersion students.   They generally try to find French-speaking judges for Francophone students; however immersion students may be interviewed in English, although their projects are written in French.  If you are Anglophone but would feel comfortable reading a project in French and interviewing in English, please indicate ‘Read French’ under ‘Other Expertise’ in your judge’s profile.  This would help us a lot!

If you have questions or comments send them to Leslie Brown:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
General information about the fair can be found at


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