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Chapter Presentations

Jan 1985 - Jan 2008 (Date and subject only)


Jan/85 First Meeting - Committee Goals

Feb/85 Commissioning - Hugh Smith, Rick McKay, Mike Scott

Mar/85 Computerized EMCS - Ken Sinclair,

Sept/85 Heat Pumps - Bud Stanley, Bernie Morneau, Hugh Paterson

Sept/85 Refrigeration DX Valves - Rene Ballard

Oct/85 VAV Components - Otto Haas

Nov/85 Tour of the Federal Forestry Laboratory -

Jan/86 Energy Savings in Schools - Keith Hawkins

Feb/86 Integration of Mechanical and Electrical Services - John Morrison, Mike Scott,

Ken Jordon, Jim O'Hara, Mike Edwards

Mar/86 SMACNA - Jim Bowers

Apr/86 Insulation - Richard Cole, Garth Liseth

May/86 VAV Systems - Gordon Boyes (Carrier)

Sept/86 Energy Management - ZA El-Ramley

0ct/86 Air Filtration - Dave Leaney, Frank Hurson

Nov/86 Industrial Ventilation - Ed Chessor

Dec/86 Residential Energy Management - David Chappell

Jan/87 Automatic Control - Ed Foster

Feb/87 Electronic Flow Measurement - J. Kruz

Mar/87 CRC Involvement - Det Goepfert

Apr/87 Legal Issues - Paul Pearlman

May/87 Indoor Air Quality - Bernie Morneau, Chris Collett, Ken Sinclair, Merv Hughes

Sept/87 Electric Plus Program - Gifford Jung

Oct/87 Computerization - Patrick Hunt

Nov/87 Noise and Acoustics- Ken Barron

Dec/87 Pipes, Pumps and Penguins - Ted Maranda

Jan/88 U.vic Mechanical Engineering Program - Dr. Tabarrock

Feb/88 Computer Room Air Conditioning - Hugh Paterson

Mar/88 U.vic Engineering Building Tour - Rob Hirshfeld

Apr/88 Future Trends in CADD - John Den Boer

May/88 Radiant Heat - Joe Adair

Sep/88 Indoor Air Quality - Bob Landell. Mary Paryniuk

0ct/88 CFCS Futures - Bob Tarlton, Bruce Walker

Nov/88 Indoor Air Quality - Dave Cousins

Dec/88 Residential Air Quality - Jay Lewis

Jan/89 Asbestos Management - Fred Bosma

Feb/89 Tour of Mechanical Systems in the Victoria Conference Center - Paul Anseeuw

Mar/89 Leisure Pools - Victor Davies

Apr/89 Heat Recovery - Brian Webb

May/89 Energy Competition - Kevin Jeffries, Tony Pugh, Cliff Otway

June/89 Golf Tournament - Ron Williams

Sept/89 Aberdeen Hospital Tour - Bert Harrison, Ron Hirschfield, Rennie Heckert

0ct/89 Ground Source Heat Pumps - David Hatherton

Nov/89 Terminal Regulated Air Volume - Tom Hartman

Dec/89 Earthquake Preparedness - Lance Olmstead

Jan/90 ASHRAE Standard 62-89 - Elia Sterling

Feb/90 CFC Update - Bob Tarlton

Mar/90 National Building Code - Tim Lenahan

Apr/90 Island Farms Dairy Tour - John Topliss, Wayne Bailey

May/90 Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Tour - Stirling Ross

June/90 Golf Tournament - Jim Cuthbert

Sept/90 GST Implications to ASHRAE - Larry Lee

Oct/90 Natural Gas Pipeline to Vancouver Island - Bill Burton

NoW90 POWER SMART - Gifford Jung

Dec/90 Bamberton Project - David Butterfield

Jan/9l Innovative Residential Ventilation - David Hill

Feb/9l Super Insulated Windows and Tour of Engineering Office Wing – Jeff Elkow

Mar/9l Ammonia Screw Compressors - Moshe Dreksler

Apr/9l Efficient Pump Selection - Colin Piggott

May/9l Tour Ship Repair Unit - Steve Penny

June/9l Golf Tournament - Jim Cuthbert

Sept/9l Commissioning and Balancing - Steve Bruskiewich

Oct/91 Industry Innovations - Ken Sinclair

Nov/9l Jack Davis Building Design - Cedric Trueman

Dec/9l Emergency Preparedness - Larry Pearce

Jan/92 Past President's Night -

Feb/92 Education Night and Tour of GVHS Helmken Road Hospital - Doug Sprat

Mar/92 R in ASHRAE - Sporlan Representative

Apr/92 Building Industry in the Year 2000+ - Williams, Meredith, Burrows, Sheuer

May/92 1994 Commonwealth Games - John Rowland

June/92 CRC and Golf and Fishing Events - Jim Cuthbert

Sept/92 Tour of Island Farms lce Cream Plant - John Topliss

Oct/92 Power Factor and Power Harmonics - Terry Hunter

NoW92 Power Efficient Refrigeration - Ron Strong

Dec/92 1994 Commonwealth Games Update - David Townsend

Jan/93 Tour of Fine Arts Building UWC - Rob Hirschfield

Feb/93 Practical Solutions to CFC Problems - Peter Hoemberg Trane Co.

Mar/93 Seismic Restraint - George Steves DWT

Apr/93 Solar Water Heating -


June/93 Golf Tourament - Jim Cuthbert

Sept/93 Adjustable Speed Drives Panel - J. Wisdom, S. Sekul, T. Wilson, N. Fenger, K. Sinclair

0ct/93 EMCS Graphics Standards - Alex Zimmerman

Nov/93 El Nino and Vancouver Island Weather - Howard Freedland

Dec/93 ODS Regulations - Joyce Johner

Jan/94 Tour of Commonwealth Place Aquatic Center – Harold Stewart & Paul Anseeuw

Feb/94 Energy Efficiency Act - Mike Berry

Mar/94 ASHRAE Standard 90. 1 - Mike Wilson

Apr/94 Glass Fibers and Indoor Air Quality - R. Gambon

Sep/96 Tour of Naden Arena - Art Sutherland

Oct/96 Education Night - Tim McGinn

Nov/96 Tour of New Victoria Police Station - Carl Peterson

Dec/96 Searching the World Wide Web - Bob Hetherington

Jan/97 Pelletier Heat Pump - David Sime

Feb/97 Tour of Vancouver Island Brewery - Ken Wilmshurst

Mar/97 ASHRAE Standard 62 - David Warden

April/97 ASHRAE Research - Dr. James Hill

May/97 Fire Damper Installations - Jim Bowers

Sep/98 Indoor Air Quality

Nov/98 Tour of Marine Coastal Defence Vessel HMCS Whitehorse - Lt.(N) Doug Stark

Jan/99 Tour of IMAX National Geographic Theatre - Richard Dube


Mar/99 Merridale Cider Works - Tserinna Chretien

May/99 The Butchart Gardens ground coupled chiller system – Ian Burton

Sep/99 Indoor Air Quality Simple Solutions To Complex Concerns – Richard A. Charles

Oct/99 Damper motor networking – Werner Buck

Nov/99 Chiller selection and CFC’s - Jim Haberman

Jan/00 WCB Industrial ventilation and filtration – Ed Chessor

Feb/00 Tour of the Spirit of Vancouver Island Super Ferry – Cam Prentice

Mar/00 SDL Optics – Robert Broe

Apr/00 ASHRAE Into the new millennium – Robert McDowall

May/00 Victoria Historic 1952 District heating system – Rick Waddell

Sep/00 Green Buildings B.C. program - Ms. Martine Desbois, Mr. Orest Maslany

Oct/00 Juan de Fuca Recreation Center - Mark Burrowes, Art Sutherland

Nov/00 High Performance ice rink design - Art Sutherland

Jan/01 Green Buildings Challenge - Alex Zimmerman

Feb/01 Natural Resources Canada's Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP) - Curt Hepting

Mar/01 Dealing with GlobalClimate Change - James Wolf

Apr/01 Initiating change. Energy supply and demand. William (Bill) F. Coad

May/01 The Natural Step (TNS) - Brian Nattrass and Mary Altomare

Sep/01 Accutemp Refrigeration DDC Manufacturing Process - Eric Balt

Oct/01 "LEED" - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design -

Nov/01 Tour of Island Farms Process Facility -

Jan/02 Opportunities and Impact of Emerging On-line Technologies as they relate to the building industry - Dave Robertson

Feb/02 Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) - Joe van Belleghem

Mar/02 Screw Compressor Technology - Shawn Goggins

Apr/02 Overview of the Vancouver Island Youth Custody Centre - Keith Barnard


Sep/02 Sustainable energy and Fuel Cells – Dr. Ned Djilali

Oct/02 Fiberglass insulation. The key to a well building. Glenn Brower

Nov/02 Vancouver Island Brewing Company –

Jan/03 Victoria International Airport –

Feb/03 AHR Building Automation Sessions – Ken Sinclair

Mar/03 ASHRAE Technical and Standards Committees - Cedric Trueman

Apr/03 Advances in Design Weather Conditions and Tools - ASHRAE President Donald Colliver

May/03 Minus 28 Cold Storage Facility - Paul Loewen

Sep/03 Green buildings council of Canada – Alex Zimmerman

Oct/03 Contract law relative to the construction industry – Patrick Guy

Nov/03 Tour of Brenwood college school in Mill Bay – Bruno Quenneville and Chuck Simpson

Dec/03 The Butchart Gardens Regional Technology award winner Ground Loop – Ian Burton

Jan/04 Outdoor air and CO2 control – Dave Warden

Feb/04 AHR Expo Highlights – Eric Balt

Mar/04 Going global. Building intelligence trends – Ken Sinclair

Apr/04 Commissioning Round table discussion – Russ Hepworth, Rob Hirschfield, Mike Scott, Ted Trotter, Bill Sutherland, Robin Smith, Norm Nicholson.

Sep/04 ASHRAE 90.1 Perspective on chiller plant design – Julian R. deBullet

Nov/04 Leed-EB An overview of accreditation – Brian Miltimore

Jan/05 ASHRAE society president. Refrigeration – Technology for survival – Ron Vallort

Feb/05 Selection of high efficiency boilers – Miles Murray

Mar/05Dual-Fan-Dual-Duct at Topham School

May/05 Designing for Sustainability.

Sep/05Tour of the UVic Island Medical Building
Oct/05 Single Pipe Hydronic Systems and their benefits in energy, material, and cost savings.  Also: Nov/05 Current Trends in Design and Installation of Filtration Systems. Brian Monk

Jan/06 Tour of Reliable Controls production facility. Vince Palmer

Feb/06 Geothermal heating and cooling – The face of the future. Eric Dickie

Mar/06 Tour of Save-on-Foods memorial centre.

Apr/06 ASHRAE satellite broadcast on “Sustainability and the Building Environment”

May/06 Chapter 145 hosts the region XI CRC.

Oct/06 Relational Control for HVAC Systems

Nov/06 Dehumidification and Air Quality in Indoor Pool Environments

Dec/06 The ASHRAE Promise: A Sustainable Future

Feb/06 Tour of the Hartland Landfill Gas Reclamation Plant

Mar/07 Playing Together Nicely: BACnet Interoperability Demonstration

Apr/07 Complying with ASHRAE Std 62.1-2004: Ventilation Requirements

May/07 Dinner and Visit to Butchart Gardens

Sep/07 Green Power Generation Projects in BC

Oct/07 Green Building Code

Nov/07 Glass Glazing and Window Performance

Dec/07 Sidney Pier Hotel and Spa

Jan/08 Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

Further updates to this information are contained in the Past Meetings section of this website.

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