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Courtesy of Jack Meredith

Over the years an ASHRAE Chapter for Vancouver Island had been talked about and discarded as something that would not be sustainable. This lack of survivability was largely thought to be a result of the limited number of people in the business on the Island, particularly an Victoria. This opinion was again prevalent in a survey undertaken, by Cedric Trueman, in the spring of 1984, at the urging of Jim Park the Regional Chairman for Regional XI.

In spite of some limited skepticism in the survey, Cedric talked a number of people into forming a steering committee to look into forming a Vancouver Island Chapter of ASHRAE. The committee met first met on August 31. 1984, at the Villa Roma Restaurant, at the corner of Douglas and West Burnside Road. In attendance were Cedric Trueman, Jack Meredith, Hugh Paterson, Mike Scott, and Ron Williams (who is notorious for being a charter member addict). In customary fashion Cedric was named the chair of the steering committee, in spite of not picking up the tab for the lunch.

The second meting of the steering committee was held on September 11, 1984, in the board room of the Victoria Construction Association. Attendance grew to eleven (11) and we all knew intuitively that we had reached critical mass, for even if no one else was to come out the camaraderie of this group would ensure we would continue to meet and swap stories of the industry. In attendance were Cedric Trueman, Rene Ballard, Ken Sinclair, Paul Marion, Tim Rutley, Jack Meredith, Mike Scott, Bernie Morneau, Hugh Paterson, Ron Williams and Bob Landell.

Two more meetings were held over the fall on September 28 and October 11, where the ''interim'' executive were determined. This interim executive actually had a term of approximately twenty months. They were: President - Jack Meredith; President Elect - Cedric Trueman; Secretary - Keith Hawkins; Treasurer - Paul Bains; Governors - Ken Sinclair, Mike Scott, Bob Landell and Paul Marion.

The first General Meeting of the prospective Chapter was held in the basement of the RH Lion IM (a hotel of questionable reputation). The meeting was a resounding success with 36 people in attendance (a couple of whom said we would never get this thing off the ground). Jim Park the Regional Chairman and a Director of ASHRAE was in attendance and spoke of his excitement about the prosper of the Chapter and of the great benefits that the Chapter would have upon everyone.

After that meeting everything turned into a blur with literally everyone, including the nay-sayers, pitching in to get the Chapter chartered and to move us toward our charter night celebrations. Our charter night was April 2, 1985. The celebration was held at the Faculty Club of the University of Victoria. There were 130 people in attendance including Society President Bob MacDonald and Presidential Member Dick Perry. There was attendance from almost all Chapters in the Region most notably, from Vancouver and Northern Alberta (Edmonton). The Northern Alberta Chapter presented the Chapter with a gavel.

Compiled by Jack Meredith

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