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Ken Sinclair has added to the historical information, filling in many blanks and helping to complete the picture of what took place during the formation of our chapter. 

Ken is one of the founding members and was featured recently as a speaker at our chapter, providing insight into the pulse of the controls industry with his website

As a special guest of the chapter during our 2013 historical perspective, he provided us with an expanded picture of the proceedings of the chapter formation and inauguration.


Kens edited comments from an email to Ian Burton follow:


The Northern Alberta ASHRAE Chapter added great support to our charter night meeting with the attendance of Don Holt, Larry Kehoe, Trev Jones, and a few others including their life friend Ron Williams who had just retired to the island, provided amazing support for our new chapter, . I might also point out that Ron Williams in addition to organizing golf tournaments was the go to ASHRAE procedure person in the early years.  The oriental looking gentleman in most founding pictures is of course Jim Park the regional Chair who provided amazing support.  

The consultant that I was racking my brain to identify, was Hugh Smith.  D W Thompson, came to me on the way home.

Talk about history, when I was reading the October (2013) ASHRAE journal, I noticed Richard Perry attached to the Sewage plant heat village article on page 40.  Dick presented me with an award just after he was international president.  He is still consulting so I must have another twenty years left tormenting the industry

Good fun and thanks again for you time donation to the chapter and the history of the chapter.


Ken Sinclair Publisher/Owner
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