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ASHRAE Vancouver Island Chapter 145


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1. About our chapter

2. Chapter Formation

3. Chapter Past Presidents and Biographies

4. Progress and Highlights

5. Past Activities

6. Recent Activities

7. We've made history!

8. Historic Photos



  1. About our chapter

ASHRAE Vancouver Island Chapter is located in Victoria BC, Canada on Vancouver Island, which is on the West coast of Canada. Our membership consists mainly of people from Victoria, but also from other parts of the island and nearby Vancouver. Vancouver Island chapter presently has about 70 area paid members. Many other people attend dinner meetings or go on our tours as guests.

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What we need to complete our history.



image002  2. Chapter Formation

The Charter of the Vancouver Island Chapter was granted on April 2nd, 1985, having been initiated by several local businessmen with a vision to the future. The first board of governors was made up of:


  • President:  Jack Meredith
  • President-Elect Cedric Trueman
  • Vice President:  Mike Scott
  • Secretary:  Keith Hawkins
  • Treasurer:  Paul Bains
  • BOG and Committee Chairs

Among these founding members, some are still actively supporting the chapter and even serving as members of the current Board of Governors.



Jack Meredith (left) and Cedric Trueman (right) being presented with the Charter at the inaugural dinner in April of 1985.


Jack has graciously provided us with a summary of the events leading up to chapter formation.


Another member, Gunther Honold relates his experience of the ceremony


Ken Sinclair added some missing information as a special guest at our December 2013 historical perspective.


And in 2010, we've now reached our 25th Anniversary, commemmorated by a ribbon and certificate from the ASHRAE society.


Picture 25 anniversary 800


 3. Chapter Past Presidents and Biographies

Click on the name to go to the biography and review officers, chairs and board of governors.


President Year President Year
Jack Meredith 1984-1985 1985-1986 1985-1986 Cedric Trueman 1986-1987
Mike Scott 1987-1988 Keith Hawkins 1988-1989
Ken Sinclair 1989-1990 Bob Landell 1990-1991
Chuck Ibbotson 1991-1992 Rene Ballard 1992-1993
John Forster 1993-1994 Doug Spratt 1994-1995
Grant Undershute 1995-1996 Duane Mattson 1996-1997
Tom Zaban 1997-1998 Tim Lucas 1998-1999
Bob Sochowski 1999-2000 Ian Burton 2000-2001
Joe LeRoy 2001-2002 Jack Meredith 2002-2003
Robin Smith 2003-2004 Eric Balt 2004-2005
Paul Mazzulli 2005-2006 Paul Mazzulli / Mark Watson 2006-2007
Mark Watson 2007-2008 Dave Neufeld 2008-2009
Steve Hoyland 2009-2010 Alfredo Munoz 2010-2011
Calvin Tripp 2011-2012 Mark Stitt 2012-2013
Mark Stitt 2013-2014 Kyle Hasenkox 2014-2015
Louise Smith 2015-2016 Louise Smith 2016-2017
Calvin Tripp
2017-2018   2018-2019





 4. Progress and Highlights


Researched and compiled by Ian Burton - Chapter Historian

ASHRAE – Vancouver Island Chapter 145 was incorporated April 2nd, 1985. Being the most recent chapter to be formed in region XI, we’ve been drawing members from the entire Vancouver Island to attend meetings and trade shows in Victoria at the island’s Southernmost tip. We were the 17th and latest Canadian chapter to be chartered following British Columbia (1952).

Since being chartered, our membership has grown from the original 48 members to an area membership of 55; not including students. Since 1999 we have been moving towards sponsoring a section in the mid Vancouver Island area. As Vancouver Island covers approximately 32,134 square kilometers (12,408 square miles) and is 454 kilometers (282 miles) long, it is felt that this will encourage ASHRAE society membership by reducing travel to attend meetings. Vancouver Island Chapter has been active in sponsoring education and technical seminars in the HVAC field in our community, including yearly bursaries to students at the University of Victoria and Camosun College. We have and continue to promote cooperation with other technical and professional associations in the area by sponsoring group meetings and technical seminars. 

Socially, we hold an annual spouses night to encourage an understanding of what it is we do once a month at our tours and seminars. Programs are arranged to ensure that there is something interesting to all parties involved. Since inception we’ve held semi-annual trade shows to showcase new technologies, educate local professionals, and educate the public about ASHRAE.

Chapter support of ASHRAE society and research has been considerable and consistent. Our chapter has established the Wendell Wolf Memorial fund committing a permanent investment generating interest for a yearly contribution to ASHRAE research. Chapter members have participated on ASHRAE technical committees most notably Cedric Trueman – TC 9.6.

Several of our chapter members have proceeded to work toward a common goal in ASHRAE society. We hosted the region XI 1992 Chapters Regional Conference. We’ve been recognized for excellence by winning several PAOE awards in our short 17 years. We won a Regional Technology award in 2000, a gold ribbon for history award 1995-96 for promoting a more active interest in technology, and in 1987-88 British Columbia Buildings Corporation won an award for recognition of significant financial support of research program.

Our chapter continues to thrive based on lots of dedication and hard work by chapter volunteers!



 5. Past Activities

Vancouver Island Chapter typically has organized the monthly meetings to be an approximately even split of technical talks and plant tours. Distinguished lecturers have usually been invited to at least two meetings per year. Following is a compilation of our topics and presenters since inception in 1985 to 2003.


 Meetings Jan 1985 - Jan 2008 - (List of dates and topics)

Meetings Feb 2003 - Current - (Dates, topics, venue, speaker, and photos)


Every two years, there is a trade show held by the Vancouver Island Chapter to raise awareness of ASHRAE, provide a venue for suppliers and manufacturers to display their wares, and as a source of funding for the local chapter.

  6. Recent Activities

This year's past meetings

  7. We’ve made history!

Many of our members are active in the world community and contribute to ASHRAE and our society in ways that aren’t always recognized. In response, we’ve added this section to help enlighten members on what other members have done to promote the engineering community.


Click on a name below to see a brief biography on some of our long time members who have been featured in our “Islander” newsletter.


February 1995 Islander featuring Ron Williams


March 1995 Islander featuring Hayward Murray


April 1995 Islander featuring Perc Butler


Further updates to this section are contained in the Recognition section of this website.

 8. Historic Photos

The inaugural dinner:





More historic photos

Lots of more recent history photos here in our image galleries 

Also, see photos from some recent tours within the meeting summaries 



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