1986-1987 Cedric Trueman

                                    CHAPTER OFFICERS

PRESIDENT                                                                                     Cedric Trueman     

PRESIDENT-ELECT                                                                      Mike Scott

VICE PRESIDENT                                                                          Keith Hawkins

SECRETARY                                                                                   Ken Sinclair

TREASURER                                                                                   Bob Landell

                        BOARD OF GOVERNORS

Michael Edwards    Chuck Ibbotson      Bob Landell             Bernie Morneau


CRC DELEGATE                                                                            Mike Scott

CRC ALTERNATE                                                                          Keith Hawkins

MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION                                                       Chuck Ibbotson

EDUCATION                                                                                    Keith Hawkins

RESEARCH PROMOTION                                                            Mervin Hughes

ENERGY MANAGEMENT                                                             Bernie Morneau

CHAPTER PROGRAMS COMMITTEE                                       Mike Scott

HISTORIAN                                                                                      Kevin Jeffries

NEWSLETTER EDITOR                                                                Michael Edwards

REFRIGERATION (OPTIONAL)                                                   Rene Ballard


Statistics at time of CRC

Chapter Members:             40        Students:     1


Following is a short excerpt from the history prepared by Jack Meredith in 1994.


1986/87 - President Cedric Trueman


Cedric got the 1986 year off to a great start with the visit by Society President Louis Flagg and by the holding of a technical seminar on CADD. Momentum from the first year was hard to maintain and the year showed us as having only 45 members being fully paid up.


Financially, we were on real solid ground having built up a substantial bank account and having a Treasurer who was starting to ask how we would deal with the income tax problems associated with the interest from our savings accounts.


The committees also became stronger and got more depth by more people participating and relieving the pressure on the ''core'' group who took on so much in the start up era. The R in ASHRAE committee continued to be busy, with Rene Ballard putting on a technical session prior to almost every meeting. The Energy Management Committee was also very active, with Bernie Morneau at the helm several promotional and seminar related abilities were held culminating in one of our Chapters entries arming first prize in the Region (Robson Square for BCBC). The Chapters records were also computerized.


The industry overall was in a slump this year and that seemed to contribute to the difficulty in maintaining the momentum of the initial year with several of our members having to put all of their energies into their businesses. A number of our members also had to relocate in order to and employment opportunities.