1995-1996 Grant Undershute

        Information from March 1996 Islander Newsletter.

                                    CHAPTER OFFICERS

PRESIDENT                                                                                     Grant Undershute 

PRESIDENT-ELECT                                                                      Duane Mattson

VICE PRESIDENT                                                                          George Steeves

SECRETARY                                                                                   Dave Warden

TREASURER                                                                                   Tom Zaban

                        BOARD OF GOVERNORS


NEWSLETTER EDITOR                                                                Bob Heatherington

MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION                                                       John Clancy

PROGRAMS                                                                                     Grant Undershute

CRC ACTION                                                                                   George Steeves

EDUCATION                                                                                    Neil Kellington

REFRIGERATION                                                                           Mark Stitt

ATTENDANCE                                                                                George Steeves

RESEARCH PROMOTION                                                            Doug Spratt

HISTORIAN                                                                                      Jack Meredith


Statistics at time of CRC

Chapter Members:                         Students: