1987-1988 Mike Scott

                                    CHAPTER OFFICERS

PRESIDENT                                                                                     Mike Scott   

PRESIDENT-ELECT                                                                      Keith Hawkins

VICE PRESIDENT                                                                          Ken Sinclair

SECRETARY                                                                                   Bob Landell

TREASURER                                                                                   Chuck Ibbotson

                        BOARD OF GOVERNORS

Michael Edwards                Mervyn Hughes                  Bernie Morneau


CRC DELEGATE                                                                            Keith Hawkins

CRC ALTERNATE                                                                          Ken Sinclair

MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION                                                       Gunther Honold

EDUCATION AND PROGRAMS                                                  Keith Hawkins

RESEARCH PROMOTION                                                            Mervin Hughes

ENERGY AND TECHNICAL AFFAIRS                                       Bernie Morneau

CHAPTER PROGRAMS SUBCOMMITTEE                              R Hugh Smith

HISTORIAN                                                                                      Kevin Jeffries

NEWSLETTER EDITOR                                                                Michael Edwards


Statistics at time of CRC

Chapter Members:             64        Students:     0


Following is a short excerpt from the history prepared by Jack Meredith in 1994.


1987/88 - President Mike Scott


Mike took helm for the Chapter's third full year of operation. Mike's theme was one of involvement of chapter members in the operation of the chapter activities. Although more of the membership had become involved the bulk of the work was being done by a few of the ''old guard''. Mike's goal was to ensure everyone got involved to so degree so that they could get as much as possible out of ASHRAE and at the same time have a say in the direction the local Chapter was heading. Mike felt a key part of that was keeping the Chapter's objectives realistic in terms of our size and resources. With that lead the membership grew again to 64 members of a society assigned total of 69. Average attendance was grew to 32 people per meeting, all of which had technical sessions.


The Education committee under the leadership of Bernie Morneau continued its focus on Energy Management issues with a seminar on ''Energy Analysis - The Bottom Line''. And speaking of the bottom line the Chapter's finances continued to grow and plans were began to establish a scholarship fund. Research Promotion fund raising was also up with an average contribution per member of $63.


The Chapter was also pleased to recommend Ron Williams for the regional Award of Merit for his long and illustrious association with three different Chapters in ASHRAE'S region XI.  Jack Meredith was also nominated for the position of Regional Vice-chairman Energy and Technical Affairs.