Meeting Prepayment and Registration


Pay for the upcoming meeting here.

Refundable only if a meeting is cancelled.  Please see conditions following payment options.


Online payment constitutes a single registration for yourself if your credit card bears your own name.

If otherwise, or for multiple registrations on one card, either add a comment to the Paypal payment form or reply to the meeting notice indicating a list of names of those being registered.  This allows us to match the payment (paypal) name with the names of those attending.


Click the "Buy Now" button below to purchase dinner meeting tickets now. 

Any online discount will be specified on the monthly dinner meeting notice if available. To calculate your custom amount, multiply the price shown on the dinner meeting notice, by the number of people you wish to purchase tickets for, and apply any online discount only if it is indicated on the dinner meeting notice.


After clicking Buy Now, you must fill in the amount to pay based on the meeting notice.




After clicking, you will see the following window.

paypal instructions

Payment is by credit card(typically) through PayPal. You may not need a PayPal account for your initial purchase.  All items are listed in Canadian dollars.  Credit will be granted upon presentation of your PayPal receipt at the door.  No other hard copy of the credits will be provided. You will be provided with an opportunity to print a receipt in the PayPal form. This is your record of purchase. Please bring this receipt to the ASHRAE meeting with you.  Credit expires after the start of the meeting.  Please do not purchase credit if you may not be able to use it as your purchase is considered an RSVP and will be used to pre-purchase food portions.  No refunds will be issued for unused credit.  You may use credits for guests accompanying you, provided the correct value of tickets is purchased, as detailed in the current meeting notice.  Credits apply only to the next scheduled ASHRAE chapter 145 meeting or tour and only apply at the face value as purchased.  Pricing for special functions with a higher admission rate should be entered correctly per meeting notice, or will require extra payment at time of use.


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